Julia Burke

Carnival Lead and Project Manager

Experienced project manager with experience in development project management and a successful portfolio in the delivery of live events from concerts to corporate events.

Currently employed as a development project manager delivering new build developments for large registered providers. With over 16 years’ experience in community project and commercial live music events, skilled in production and stage management, promotion and design, risk management.

Creator and founder of the BE music awards, TBC Events and Aspire Project, and community radio station Legacy 90.1. Leading on event proposals, contracts, funding/sponsorship and delivery coordination. Lead on event proposals, contracts, funding/ sponsorship and delivery co-ordination of events and production for events, visuals and marketing campaigns, on the day project management, budgeting and finance.

Experienced Project Manager with over 12 years’ experience in project delivery, with a successful history in the delivery in a number of varied live events from arenas to small capacity concerts, outdoor and cooperate events.