Carnival 50 pays tribute to Our elders.

This year we will honour the founders and our elders who will lead the carnival parade this year. The bus will include members of the Leeward Island People Association, the Jamaica society and founders who have a long history of carnival and without them, there would be no Manchester Carnival.

Here are a few words from our elders who will join us on the day!

Alexander Herbert “Peddy”

has been an integral part of Carnival for its duration.  Carnival is in Peddys Soul, his house even today is an array of costumes and carnival history.  Peddy was famous for walking around Manchester in his sparkly jackets and matching hats, a constant memory of home and the thing he loves the most ….Carnival.  Peddy has produced some of the finest troupes on the road over the years.  

Junior Grant BEM

Roy Grant better known as Junior is known in the community for his desire to help others and build positive community relationships.  Junior is also a massive fan of Carnival and would regularly travel around the country to different cities whilst working with Western Union and Jamaica National.  Incidentally, his first experience of Carnival was in his 40s. Junior has just been awarded a BEM for his services to the community.  He has the prestigious Job this year of leading the parade driving our most prized community asset, our elders.

Barbarine Gordon

Loves all things Jamaican, very proud of her heritage and African roots.  Barbarine is a member of the Jamaica society Manchester and also is the Chair of the Trafford African Caribbean Care Group which meet once a week at St John’s Church Old Trafford and has done so for many years.  

Councillor Whit Stennet

Councillor Whit Stennet is a stalwart of the Trafford Community and has lived here since his arrival to the UK.  He has championed the causes of the Caribbean Community of Manchester and was the first Black Lord Mayor.  He is an avid cricket fan and a trusted member of the Lancashire County Cricket Club. Whit is also involved in the Jamaica Society Manchester and has been instrumental in supporting the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester over the years.