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Bigint has been delivering dedicated website and digital support for the Manchester Carnival, Tropical Media and Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network for some years, now we would like to offer the same backing to other UK Carnivals and Mas Bands.

Just like carnivals, website development and maintenance is driven by budgets. The bigger the budget, the more time can be spent designing and creating something impressive and truly unique. However, when no large budget is available, how do you professionally get the carnival’s messages across online? You ask Bigint Ltd. to work with you, because we provide carnivals with unbelievable prices and fantastic service.

We understand that carnival budgets are stretched, that’s why we have always kept our prices super competitive for carnivals.

We do regular maintenance tasks such as website security and content management system (CMS) updating for free.

We complete the essential time-consuming job of search engine optimization (SEO) on all content for free.

We often wave charges for small updates and changes.

Of course, we cannot do everything for free, but to further reduce costs, we invite carnivals to contribute wording and graphics towards new content creation. Although we are still left with lots of code to write, the contribution of content by the carnival team reduces the lengthy design phase, which means we are able to update the site for lower cost.

Content is made for all

We build website that work; the Manchester carnival website alone receives over 25,000 visitors each day over carnival weekend. That’s one huge number of visitors. Our websites work on all devices including desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. The content is made for all age groups and follows recognized design principles to make it accessible to all.

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What We Offer

Below are some of the services we provide to support the Manchester Caribbean Carnival, Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network and Tropical Media:

  • Website design and development
  • Website hosting
  • Website interactive content and functionality development
  • Website maintenance and updating
  • Graphics and image production
  • Write content wording
  • Produce Documents and Forms
  • Produce Flyers
  • Offer 7 Day a week support and advice


Sound Good? Why not contact or call 07743 347 271 to speak to us about your new website.

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