Preston Caribbean Carnival Cancelled

Preston Caribbean Carnival Parade Cancelled

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester would like to show solidarity with Preston Carnival by encouraging people to attend Preston’s static town centre carnival event on June 11th 2016.

Below is the full Lancashire Evening Post report

Preston’s spectacular Caribbean carnival procession has been cancelled next month after more than 40 years.

Organisers say they can no longer afford to stage the colourful cavalcade, which sees thousands line the streets between Moor Park and the city centre.

Instead they will hold a “static” event complete with stunning costumes, music and food on the Flag Market on June 11.

A lack of cash has meant the end of the road for the annual procession – at least for this year.

“It’s such a shame because the parade is part of the fabric of Preston,” said carnival treasurer Carol Nevins. “Funding has all-but dried up this year. It’s a sign of the times.”

The event is Preston’s most dazzling of the year, bringing a taste of Mardi Gras to the terraced streets of the city. But the procession has become another victim of austerity Britain.

The carnival needs around £30,000 to cover the costs of security, staging, crowd management, event equipment, cleansing and road closure staffing.

Yet with no donations forthcoming from the city council, Lancashire County Council and the Preston BID team, the organizers have been forced to call off the popular parade which in past years has snaked its way between Moor Park and the city centre, featuring fabulous floats, dance troupes and Caribbean bands.

And, while a riot of colour and costumes will still provide an eye-catching show on the Flag Market, the event is unlikely to live up to past glories.

“The money just isn’t there to put on our usual event,” explained treasurer Carol.

“We get lottery funding from the Arts Council, but they only support art and culture, anything on the performance side of things. They don’t support any infrastructure costs like security and barriers.

“We need about £30,000 for our usual parade and for Moor Park. And that is a lot of money to find when sponsorship is drying up.

“We have been hanging on, hoping funds would come in. But they haven’t and so we had a meeting and reluctantly decided that the procession will have to go – at least for this year.

“We will have a smaller scale event on the Flag Market and then we will have another 12 months to see if we can raise money to bring it back next year. I hope we can.”

The cancellation of the street procession comes at the end of a torrid eight months for the carnival organizers.

Back in October they were in danger of having to bring the curtain down on the whole event when they lost two units at Oyston Mill for storing their elaborate costumes and where dance troupes practiced.

But after moving three times – including a spell using storage space at Fulwood Leisure Centre – they are back at the Mill.

The not-for-profit organization is now planning to apply for charitable status in the hope it will open up new sources of funding.

“Hopefully by just doing the Flag Market even this year it will make people aware of the situation we are in and support us,” said Carol.

Councillor Peter Kelly, Preston Council’s cabinet member for leisure and culture, said: “It’s a real shame that the procession isn’t happening at this year’s Caribbean Carnival. It’s a great tradition and one the whole of Preston will sorely miss.

“Nowadays, it costs many thousands of pounds to put the event on and most of these costs are associated with the procession. So, we fully support the carnival committee’s decision to stage the carnival, though not to hold the procession this year.

“We are helping the committee to put the event on and are also helping out with the annual King and Queen of the carnival event which takes place on the Flag Market on June 11.

“We’re also helping the committee in trying to find other sources of funding for the carnival. It’s a national trend unfortunately as traditional funding sources are drying up. Councils simply don’t have the money they once had so grants are far harder to come by now.

“Still, the carnival is an amazing event and I am sure there are people and funding bodies interested in working with them to put on the carnival and procession in future years.”

Lancashire Evening Post, 2016.

J'ouvert Morning News Flash 2016

Manchester Carnival News Flash J’ouvert Morning 2016

Damien Daddy Sydney is happy to announce there will be ‘two’ jump up trailers on the road for J’ouvert Morning 2016. For more information on J’ouvert Morning visit the carnival website ‘What’s On’ page or the ”What’s On’ news article containing a feature on J’ouvert Morning.

This is fantastic news for all the J’ouvert revellers. Greater sounds means jump higher and have more fun.


J'ouvert Morning Sounds
J'ouvert Morning Sounds


Checkout the new ‘What’s On’ page and the ”What’s On’ news article covering J’ouvert Morning.


Caribbean Music Festival

Caribbean Music Festival joins forces with Liverpool Carnival

Soca Music Festival launches new name and location

The Soca Music Festival has launched a new name and location. As a part of its rebranding and growth plans the brand has changed its name to the Caribbean Music Festival and joined forces with Liverpool carnival.

After being solely devoted to the Caribbean’s Soca music genre since its launch two years ago, the festival has evolved into displaying the array of Caribbean music genres.

Taking the show on the road

Liverpool is 2016’s new location for the brand. This year Liverpool Carnival is celebrating its first carnival parade and with its exciting new plans, the Caribbean Music festival will bring live Caribbean festival entertainment to the stage. Luton has been home to festival since its launch in 2014.

Caribbean Music Festival

Commenting on the move to Liverpool, Event Director, Garvin Johnson says:

‘We’re extremely excited to be taking the festival to Liverpool Carnival. The carnival is getting even bigger in Liverpool and it’s a great time to be bringing the festival to a new audience.’

What will be happening?

The outdoor music festival experience is still the root of the festival. The weekend will start with the festival launch party, and then the festival stage goes live on the Saturday with the Liverpool Carnival big parade and ends with an after party.

It is designed to make its audience escape into the Caribbean, mimicking the look and feel of a Caribbean island street party with a live Caribbean band and artists creating a party atmosphere. The line-up extends across the reggae, soca, calypso and salsa.

Why the change?

Soca music is our passion and the original reason for the festival was to create more awareness to the sounds of Soca. The change comes because comparing the sounds of Caribbean music allows us to depict the diverse nature of Caribbean music while highlighting similarities and influences on each other.


Visit The Caribbean Music Festival site to find out more details.




Manchester Caribbean Carnival What's On 2016

What’s On 2016?

Welcome to Caribbean Carnival of Manchester, Bajan and Guyana style.

In 2016, Barbados and Guyana are celebrating their 50th anniversaries of independence, so what could be better than to celebrate with them. If you would like to know a little about the history of these two great nations why not read the recent news article on this years theme?

Updated Events

So, what’s on at carnival 2016?  To keep everybody informed we have updated the website ‘what’s on’ page with information on all this year’s events. Why not check it out?  Alternatively, here’s a preview:

  • Carnival Parade
  • Mass Bands
  • Kings & Queens, Prince & Princess Competition
  • SOCA Music
  • Jouvert Morning
  • Roots & Dub Corner
  • World Music Stage
  • Eastern Caribbean Music Stage
  • Great Food
  • African Corner
  • Red Bull Music Academy Stage
  • Kids Events
  • Strat Corner
  • Constume making workshops
  • SOCA and calypso workshops

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester, 13th & 14th August 2016

Featured: Strat Corner

J'ouvert Morning New at this year’s carnival is ‘Strat Corner’ celebrating the emerald isle of Montserrat and its people. Strat Corner will feature SOCA, Calypso, traditional singing, traditional costumes and traditional food. In fact, all things to do with the culture of the emerald isle. Want to know more in advance? Here are some facts about the emerald isle.

5 Facts on Montserrat

Where is Montserrat?

Montserrat is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom located in the Leeward Islands. The territory resembles coastal Ireland and has a large number of inhabitants who are of the Irish ancestry.

What is the capital of Montserrat?

The island of Montserrat has two capitals. Plymouth is the de jure capital of the island; it is located in the Leeward Island chain of the Lesser Antilles, West Indies. The de facto capital of the island is Brades, a village located in the Carr’s Bay vicinity at the northwest end of Montserrat. It has been the capital of the island since 1998.

How big is Montserrat?

Montserrat is one of the very small island nations in the world; it has a total area of 39 square miles. It has an approximate population of 5,879.

What is the official currency used in Montserrat?

The East Caribbean dollar denoted by the ISO 4217 code XCD is the official currency of Montserrat. It has been the national currency since 1965; it replaced the British West Indies dollar. The East Caribbean dollar is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $ and is written as EC$. It is subdivided into 100 cents.

What is the nickname of Montserrat?

Many people refer Montserrat as the Emerald Isle of Caribbean. It gains the nickname because coastal shape of Montserrat. It looks like the shape of Ireland.

What is the national dish of Montserrat?

Montserrat’s national dish is Goat water, a thick goat meat stew served with crusty bread rolls., 2016

Featured: J’ouvert Morning

Join in J’ouvert Morning at Carnival 2016. Want to know more?

J’ouvert is a large street party during Carnival in the eastern Caribbean region. J’ouvert is a contraction of the French jour ouvert, or dawn/ day break.

J’ouvert is celebrated throughout the Caribbean countries and also in many places outside the Caribbean as part of Carnival celebrations throughout the year, with the biggest celebrations happening in places around the world with large Caribbean ex-pat communities.

Traditionally, the celebration involves calypso/SOCA bands and their followers dancing through the streets. The festival starts well before dawn and peaks a few hours after sunrise.

J'ouvert Morning The origins of street parties associated with J’ouvert coincide with the emancipation from slavery in 1838. Emancipation provided Africans with the opportunity, to not only participate in Carnival, but to embrace it as an expression of their newfound freedom. Some theorize that some J’ouvert traditions are carried forward in remembrance of civil disturbances in Port of Spain, Trinidad, when the people smeared themselves with oil or paint to avoid being recognized.

The traditions of J’ouvert vary widely throughout the Caribbean. In Trinidad & Tobago, a part of the tradition involves smearing paint, mud or oil on the bodies of participants known as “Jab Jabs”. On the islands of Dominica, Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and Haiti, participants celebrate by blowing flutes and conch shells or by beating goat skin drums, irons or bamboo sticks while singing folk songs.

Barbados does not celebrate J’ouvert, but in instead celebrates Foreday Morning which is often mistaken as J’ouvert.

J’ouvert is inseparable from Carnival and has had many influences. People from Africa, Britain, France, India, Spain and many other ethnic groups have all left an indelible mark on J’ouvert., 2016

Join in with the J’ouvert Morning festivities at Carnival 2016 on the 13th/ 14th August 2016. Everybody welcome

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CCoM Theme 2016

2016 Carnival Theme

The carnival theme this year is Barbados (Bajan)

Some history on this year’s theme: After the first English settlement at Holetown in 1627, Barbados remained a British colony until achieving independence from Britain on November 30th 1966. That first independence ceremony was accompanied by the raising of the Barbados national flag and playing of the national anthem for the first time. November 30th is celebrated as Independence Day and is a national holiday in Barbados.

As part of the upcoming Carnival 2016 event Barbados will be represented celebrating 50 years free from colonial rule, after being granted Independence from Britain on November 1966.

Hence the theme for this year is Barbados 50th we will be celebrating fifty years of Barbados’s Independence. Barbados 50th signifies the historical Independence and freedom of a much loved nation who has strive to excel and develop their beautiful Island of friendly and fun loving people.

We hope you will come and be part of this outstanding celebration of the achievements of all the citizens of Barbados.



There will be a steel band extravaganza

We plan to present a number of activities over the Carnival Weekend such as ‘The Triny & Latin Corner’ and ‘The Bajan Corner’ playing authentic SOCA music from their countries and ‘The African Corner’ playing authentic African music.

There will be a steel band extravaganza playing a selection of music from all countries involved and The Red Bull Stage catering for an eclectic mixture of community music.

This year we will be doing a full parade with mass bands and steel bands from all around the country. The Carnival will also be presenting a Jouvert morning that will be presented by Tropical Radio & TV.

As the Carnival draws closer we will keep you updated on the progress of the Carnival. If you would like to take part in the Parade or learn how to create your carnival costumes please visit our message box on the web-site and feel free to message us. We will get back to you.

Thank you all for your continuing support and I look forward to seeing you all at our annual community event.


Celebrating Guyana’s 50th Anniversary

Guyana is also celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016, so the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester would like to recognise Guyana’s independence too by extending this years theme to include the success of the people of Guyana.



A brief history of Guyana – There are nine indigenous tribes residing in Guyana. Although Christopher Columbus sighted Guyana during his third voyage (in 1498), the Dutch were the first to establish colonies. The British assumed control in 1796, 18 years later the Dutch formally ceded the area (1814). In 1831 the separate colonies combines to become a single British colony known as British Guiana.

Since its Independence in 1824 Venezuela has claimed the area of land to the west of the Essequibo River. However, in 1899 an international tribunal ruled the land belonged to Great Britain. The border disputes persist and no final settlement has been reached.

Guyana achieved independence from the United Kingdom on 26 May 1966 and became a republic on 23 February 1970. This makes 2016 the anniversary of independence.

We hope to see you on the 13th & 14th of August 2016.

Checkout the new ‘What’s On’ page


SOCA Weekender Poster 2016


Bar Staff Wanted

News Flash: Bar Staff Wanted

For carnival 2016 we are looking for bar staff who have experience at handling large groups at events. We will offer you a wage for two days work and provide you with food and beverages for the day. All applicants must be fit and be able to work in an extremely busy environment.

If you feel that you would welcome the experience please get in touch by contacting us on the following number 0161 273 5622. Thank you, for your interest.

We hope to see you on the 13th & 14th of August 2016.

Checkout the new ‘What’s On’ page and the ‘carnival theme’ news article.


SOCA Weekender Poster 2016



SOCA-Reggae Festival

COX in Conjunction with DJ SOSO London/ Manchester Link Up



  • TEA
  • TINA B

DJs Competing on the Night:

  • Live Band – EQUINOX
  • Guest Artist – BLACKOUT JA

DJs on the Night

  • (The hottest DJ’S Outta London)
  • Love From Manchester


Friday 27th November 2015
VENUE: R Base, 42 Charles Street, Manchester, M1 7DB
Coaches from Woolwich & Clapton Pond £40

COX: 07713 746 948 (London)
DJ SOSO: 07908 571 834 (Manchester)

Doors Open 7pm till Late (No ID NO Entry)

SN Travel     AL-Murad     Lebara Mobile


SOCA Explosion 2015

SOCA Explosion Cup Clash 2015

Cup Clash: 5th Anniversary

DJs Competing on the Night:

  • 1/4 bottle (Manchester)
  • Hyper Spice (London)
  • DJ Face (Leicester)
  • Godfather & DJ Flush (Leeds)
  • Mr Worthless (Bristol)
  • Mr Silk & Magikal Flagz (London)
  • MC SOCA Gold (France)

Warm Up DJs on the Night

  • More Fya & DJ Spice
  • Live performance on the night by Terrah Dan


Adm Ticket £8.00 or £10 on the Door

Ticket Hot Line 07760671314 or 0161 273 6869

For more information log onto Tropical Radio North West here

SN Travel         AL-Murad         Lebara Mobile


Carnival News

Updated Events List

The Manchester Caribbean Carnival is pleased to announce an updated events list for this year’s carnival. Need help with your costume? Want to learn to sing calypso? Please see the website ‘What’s On’ page for details or use the links below:

Calypso and SOCA Singing Workshops – Manchester Carnival 2015

View details »

Costume Making Workshops – Manchester Carnival 2015

View details »

The African Music Corner @ Manchester Carnival 2015

View details »

Liming Squad


We look forward to seeing you at Alexandra Park, Manchester on the 8th August.

Be inspired, get involved.

What's On

Carnival 2015: What’s On

Carnival 2015, calypso fever is drawing closer. As part of our preparations we are proud to announce details of the confirmed 2015 lineup on the websites new ‘What’s On’ page.

The new page is accessible under the visitors option on the menu bar. However to make it even easier to view information on the confirmed 2015 lineup, we have included the lineup below.

Carnival 2015: Lineup

  Queen Kings Princes and princess show Manchester carnival 2015

The world music tent

  The Easter Caribbean Music Stage

The African corner

  Jouvert Morning Jump Up and do ‘any ting’ you want

Red Bull music academy

  Roots and Dub Corner

  The world music main stage

The Eastern Caribbean Food Stall

  Other UK Carnivals


Or, visit our new ‘What’s On’ page.