Windrush Bacchanal

Carnival 2018 Theme

The theme for carnival 2018 is Windrush Bacchanal, celebrating 70 years of the Windrush generation. But, who were the Windrush generation and why are they so special?

When the Empire Windrush passenger ship docked at Tilbury from the Caribbean on 22 June 1948, it marked the start of the post-war immigration boom which was to change British society. Images of the African-Caribbean passengers filing off the gangplank have become part of the country’s social history.

After WWII, Britain encouraged immigration from Commonwealth countries. To a large extent this was to help rebuild the country as there was a shortage of labour at the time. Windrush carried 492 migrants who were coming to a country promising prosperity and employment. Among them were the calypso artists Lord Kitchener and Lord Beginner from Trinidad & Tabago.

This years Carnival celebrates 70 years of culture, music, life-styles, horticulture, pride and struggles that came with these early settlers in this, it’s platinum anniversary year. It brought Soca, Calypso, singing, dancing, drumming and vibrant colours showcased by the legendary Calypso and Soca artist Lord Kitchener to the street of London and beyond.

Arrivals were temporarily housed near Brixton; the town’s Windrush Square commemorates the ship’s arrival. The majority remained to settle permanently, and now form a central part of British society. The ship itself made its final voyage in 1954.

We hope to see you on 11th & 12th August 2018 to celebrate the Windrush anniversary.

CCoM Happy 2018

Happy New Year from the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester

The team at the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and prosperous 2018.

The team would also like to thank everyone for their hard work and support in 2017. In particular, the team would like to thank those who supported the carnival financially or with their time and skills.

These include:

  • CCoM committee and supporting team
  • Troops & participants
  • Lucy Powell MP
  • Manchester City Council (All departments connected to the Carnival)
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • St John’s Ambulance
  • WRPS Scaffolding
  • Bigint Ltd.(website)

And, our great sponsors without whom the carnival may not happen:


If you or your organisation would like to sponsor the 2018 Manchester carnival, the team would love to speak to you. Please contact Mickey on 07985 400 384 or email .

Following another successful carnival year, we now look to 2018. Details about the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester 2018 theme will be published soon, so please stay in touch with the carnival news page.

Thanks to NordWood Themes on for supplying the image for this post under the creative commons license.

Parade Awards 2017

Winning Results for the Manchester Carnival Parade 2017

With the weather holding out, at least in the afternoon, Carnival 2017 was another highly successful event.

The weekend has become a highlight of the annual carnival calendar and the great people of Manchester, along with those who attended from throughout Britain, did not disappoint us again. The parade was as spectacular and stunning as ever, with a diversity of fantastic Mas Bands, floats and costumes on show. Much fun was had by all.

The carnival organisers wish to thank everyone who attended to make carnival 2017 a special occasion to remember.

We are now pleased to announce the results of the annual carnival awards.



– Main Carnival Parade National Bands:

  1. Pure Elegance Huddersfield
  2. Cultural Roots Derby
  3. Spectrum Preston

– Main Carnival Parade Manchester Bands:

  1. WER1
  2. A Squad
  3. SOCA Explosion & Africa Diversity


– The Culturama Stage Parade:

  1. A Squad
  2. SOCA Explosion


The parade was judged at the junction between Claremont Road junction and Alexandra Park. Trophies will be presented on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Congratulations to all the award winners, and a big thanks to everybody who took part.



Caribbean Carnival Information Leaflet 2017

Caribbean Carnival 2017 Information Leaflet

The Caribbean Carnival 2017 information leaflet is out now. The carnival committee would like the carnival to be a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. The information leaflet has been produced with this in mind; therefore, we encourage everyone visiting this year’s carnival to take a look at the information provided.

A copy of the information leaflet has been included below for your convenience. There is also a downloadable PDF version, if you would like to take a copy away.

More information is available on our visitor information page. Please make time to take a look at the information provided. We wish everyone a great carnival.


Information Leaflet 2017

Click image to open full size.



Grab Original Information Leaflet PDF

Carnival Leaflet 2017

Click the Adobe PDF logo on the left to download the information leaflet.



Manchester Caribbean Carnival J'ouvert 2017

J’ouvert Morning Manchester Carnival 2017

Jump Up, Jump Up, J’ouvert!

Join in J’ouvert Morning at Manchester Carnival 2017. Follow J’ouvert on Facebook.

J’ouvert Marning, Manchester Carnival 2017, Jump up Lash D Pig.   Linking up @ Westwood Street, Manchester, M14.   Jam starts 12th Aug @ 7.45am – 10.00am.

J’ouvert morning returns this year, ready to be the best J’ouvert yet, with two ‘Jump Up, Jump Up’ trailers on the road.

  • Trailer 1 – A combination of DJs
  • Trailer 2 – 1PLUS, live Soca band

J’ouvert starts from 7.45am to 10am. There will be traditional Caribbean cuisine including: Souse, Pig Foot, Rice, Black Pudding, Salt Fish, Johnny Bakes and all your favourite traditional Caribbean punches for refreshment.


Want More J’ouvert?

Soca Village J'ouvert 2017

Leeds Soca Village

Hol Dem, N Wuk Dem

£10 Gets you a Bag, Bandana, Horn, Water, Rum T.Shirt and Full English/ West Indian breakfast.   Famalaaay, join in for the 50th!.


Organiser, The Soca Village

Made in the Caribbean Events and Facebook

The Soca Village is a product of Made In The Caribbean – a community based organisation developed by residents of the Chapeltown community of Leeds. Its overarching aim is to build social platforms that encourage community integration premised on the shared values of good vibes, from good people. Read more


Take a look at the 2017 What’s On page.


Carnival 2017


1PLUS Band at J'ouvert

Manchester Carnival 2017 – 1PLUS Soca Band Live at J’ouvert Morning

1PLUS Band @ J’ouvert 2017
Jump, Jump!

Want to know more about UK carnivals? Visit Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network.

1Plus Band

For one morning only, 1PLUS Band will dominate the streets of Manchester with Caribbean Soca sounds. Come and jump around, to genuine Eastern Caribbean music live.

1PLUS Band will be jamming live from 7.45am. Don’t miss any of the set by getting there early.


Take a look at the 2017 What’s On page.


Carnival 2017



Small Axe Leeds 201

Small Axe Band Live from St.Kitts!

The Sweetest Band in the world.

1 night in Leeds only… Cannot be missed

Find more information at YWICN.


Black HUDU

Black HUDU at Manchester Carnival

… a sound for people to meditate to …

Black HUDU at Manchester Carnival

Black HUDU at Manchester Carnival

BLACK HUDU: The word HUDU stems from HUDU, which is the name of a language and a Ewe tribe in Togo and Ghana. It is the practice of spirituality which the ancient Africans used to become one with self. As well as being a practice of spirituality, it is a ritual that is said to get rid of bad energies, negative thoughts and frequencies and is used to manifest and heal individuals. It’s an idea that resonated with us; we believe we are here do similar works using the universal language of music as our tool.

The sound we promote and push out into the atmosphere in frequency and vibration is a sound for people to meditate to and be themselves without having to feel self-conscious; one in which people can free their inner self, in a way which feels good, whilst we take them on a musical journey.

Besides that aspect of it, it is a movement that represents the art and the elements of underground music.


The core personnel of BLACK HUDU are two humble melanated lions. We are also a network that consists of many talented DJ’s, producers, musicians, sound engineers, artists and designers.

What music do BLACK HUDU represent?

If it’s underground, if it feels good, if it’s raw and real, then that’s BLACK HUDU! So you’ll find BLACK HUDU sound can be quite eclectic. We can go from anything from Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rare Grooves, Broken Beats, House, Roots N Culture, Dub & Steppas, to name a few.

How did BLACK HUDU start?

People had heard our sounds out and about at various events and functions and they were asking if we did our own events. So, we knew it was time to put our ideas into action – BLACK HUDU was born!

The first official BLACK HUDU event took place in October 2015. It was born out of the need to hold our own regular events in which we could run with the proper quality control. One in which would enable the DJ or artists’ freedom to express themselves fully and play a deeper selection of music to a discerning music lover on a custom hand built sound system which would allow the full frequencies of these records to be heard to their full potential.

Where have BLACK HUDU played?

Collectively over the last 18 years BLACK HUDUs network have played in venues in and around Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Worcester and London, to name a few.

We have played at Leeds and Manchester Carnival with Irfan (Rainy City Music) and Wayne Mantrax (INNA DEEP). We have had radio shows on stations in Huddersfield and Leeds and have had music played on BBC 1xtra.

In 2016 BLACK HUDU had the opportunity to take our vibe abroad; we played at the Vortex Beach Bar, a popular beach after party at Southport Weekender’s SUNceBeat’ Festival in Croatia. The after party had international DJs playing, such as Osunlade (Yoruba Records), Grant Nelson (Nice ‘N’ Ripe), Sy Sez (Soul Heaven) and Dave Law (Tempo).

In 2016 BLACK HUDU held a series of successful intimate invite only lock-in style jam sessions in CITP, in collaboration with brand owner and artist Benaiah Matheson.




Bigint Carnival Websites

Websites for Carnivals and Mas Bands

Great Offers & Fantastic Service

Bigint has been delivering dedicated website and digital support for the Manchester Carnival, Tropical Media and Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network for some years, now we would like to offer the same backing to other UK Carnivals and Mas Bands.

Just like carnivals, website development and maintenance is driven by budgets. The bigger the budget, the more time can be spent designing and creating something impressive and truly unique. However, when no large budget is available, how do you professionally get the carnival’s messages across online? You ask Bigint Ltd. to work with you, because we provide carnivals with unbelievable prices and fantastic service.

We understand that carnival budgets are stretched, that’s why we have always kept our prices super competitive for carnivals.

We do regular maintenance tasks such as website security and content management system (CMS) updating for free.

We complete the essential time-consuming job of search engine optimization (SEO) on all content for free.

We often wave charges for small updates and changes.

Of course, we cannot do everything for free, but to further reduce costs, we invite carnivals to contribute wording and graphics towards new content creation. Although we are still left with lots of code to write, the contribution of content by the carnival team reduces the lengthy design phase, which means we are able to update the site for lower cost.

Content is made for all

We build website that work; the Manchester carnival website alone receives over 25,000 visitors each day over carnival weekend. That’s one huge number of visitors. Our websites work on all devices including desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. The content is made for all age groups and follows recognized design principles to make it accessible to all.

Bigint Marketing Flyers

What We Offer

Below are some of the services we provide to support the Manchester Caribbean Carnival, Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network and Tropical Media:

  • Website design and development
  • Website hosting
  • Website interactive content and functionality development
  • Website maintenance and updating
  • Graphics and image production
  • Write content wording
  • Produce Documents and Forms
  • Produce Flyers
  • Offer 7 Day a week support and advice


Sound Good? Why not contact or call 07743 347 271 to speak to us about your new website.

Bigint Website Design Logo


Original Burning Flames

The Original Burning Flames: O2 Academy Birmingham

Live Event

The Original Burning Flames

o2 Academy Birmingham

Jun 10, 2017

o2 Academy Birmingham Ticket Line


Burning Flames

The original Burning Flames band has reformed and they are playing a ‘not to be missed’ night at the O2 Academy Birmingham. Some time ago the band split up; therefore, the night at the Academy is a unique opportunity to see the original line-up back in action together – who knows, this may be the last time. If you are a Burning Flames fan, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Some History

The band formed in St. John in 1984. The original lineup included three brothers — Toriana “King Onyan” Edwards (vocals, guitar), David “Bubb-I” Edwards (vocals, bass) and Clarence “Oungku” Edwards (vocals, keyboards), along with drummer Rone “Foxx” Watkins.

The three brothers had previously worked together as buskers and Clarence and Toriana played in Arrow’s backing band. The band appeared at the Antiguan Road March carnival in 1985 with their song “Stiley Tight”, which was issued as their debut single in 1986.

The band went on to have international success in 1989 with “Workey Workey”, which was also later covered by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires.

The band signed for Mango Records in 1991, releasing the album Dig. They won the Road March title on five occasions between 1991 and 1996, and in 1997 Toriana Edwards embarked on a solo career as King Onyan, going on to win four Calypso Monarch titles, before eventually leaving the band.

The other members recruited vocalists Bryan Fontanelle and the Trinidadian Onika Bostik. The new lineup recorded the album HokusPokus (1999). They won the Road March title again in 1999 with “Magician (I Command You)”.
Bostik died on 19 December 2004, due to injuries sustained in a car crash on 11 December. The following year, lead singer Oungku left Burning Flames after winning that year’s Carnival Road March with the single “De Harder Deh Come” and formed a new band, Red Hot Flames.

From his song, “Oungku Too Bad-Minded”, it became apparent that Oungku left the band due to some kind of controversy. He said it was because the band had outgrown its members.

Red Hot Flames went on to win the 2006 road March competition with the single “Trouble”. That year, original band member Onyan rejoined with bass player and vocalist David “Krokuss” Edwards, also known as Lord Satellite. The first album of the reformed band was entitled Ebry Bady Ha Fu Nyam and featured hit songs like “Raw Sole” and “Green Bush”. They went on to reclaim the Road March title with the single “Papi” from their 2007 album De Real Fyah.

(, 2015)


Get Your Tickets

Original Burning Flames 2017
Burning Flames Birmingham 2017


Food Rescue

Food Rescue at Caribbean Carnival of Manchester 2017

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester, 12th & 13th August 2017


Great Food with a Twist

Food Rescue Menu

Food Rescue Menu

Hello, we are a mobile catering company with a twist, because we have a fleet of fire engines that have been modified into catering units. Each engine operates from 2 sides; the first sells hot and cold food such as burgers, hot dogs, Mediterranean food, burritos, rice and chicken, on the other side we sell desserts and confectionery. We even have our own ice cream and popcorn machine.

Each engine has its own name and personality, along with seating for 40 people. We have 2 bouncy castles and coming soon is a TV for inside the engine so children can watch a fire safety video. There will also be 50 inch TV on the front of the engine.

Our Menu

Hot and Cold Drinks
Gormet Burgers
hot dogs
Rice Dishes



Ice Cream
Popcorn Machine


We have 15 fire engines ready to go

In all, we have 15 fire engines ready to go. Not only will each engine have 2 TVs, they will be kitted out with professional lights and a sound system that can be used separately or hooked up to the other engines to create a fantastic show.


We hope to see you on the 12th & 13th August 2017.


2017 Theme Caribbean Bacchanal

Carnival 2017: Brace Yourself for Caribbean Bacchanal

Carnival 2017 Theme is Caribbean Bacchanal

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester is very pleased to announce this year’s carnival theme of Bacchanal.

So, what is Bacchanal?   According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, 2017, Bacchanal is: A reveller, devotee of Bacchus, one who celebrates the Bacchanalia.

Therefore, what is Bacchanalia?

Again, according to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, 2017, Bacchanalia is: A festival of Bacchus celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry.

Add a Caribbean twist and we get this year’s theme of Caribbean Bacchanal

Brace Yourself

A full Caribbean Carnival of Manchester 2017, ‘What’s On’, line up, will be released in due course, but we are pleased to make a few early announcements.

Carnival 2017 is set to start on Sunday 6th August 2017 with a spectacular King, Queen, Prince and Princess show in the city – full details to be confirmed.

The main carnival weekend begins as usual with J’ouvert Morning on Saturday the 12th August, at 6am, brought to you by Daddy Sydney and the Jam Session movement.

Then, at around mid-day on Saturday 12th August, the spectacular carnival parade will take place for 3 hours. View the carnival route on our interactive street map; zoom in or click on a marker to choose a great viewing point.

The park will be open with lots to eat and drink from 12 mid-day, until 9pm in the evening. There will be lots to do and see, as always. The entertainment includes a host of live music stages, including the fantastic Red Bull stage.

On Sunday the 13th August, there will be more live music and fun in the park, including the new Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network Cultural Stage.

To take part in the carnival parade please contact 07827 410 646 or 07985 400 384.

Be Inspired, Get Involved.



Bajan Village 2016

Bajan Village 2016

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester, 13th & 14th August 2016

Bajan Village 2016

Barbados Association UK and Community Help Africa

Bajan VillageThe CCOM 2016 is proud to celebrate Barbados 50 by welcoming the Bajan Village to Alexandra Park during the two days of Carnival.

With Performances over 2 stages; music, crafts market and food stalls all set within a family friendly atmosphere beneath the trees will fill the air with scented sun and Soca.

Saturday & Sunday Line up features

  • 50th anniversary of independence by Megatone Sound System will be playing the best Reggae, ub and Caribbean Vibes
  • DJ More Fyah of Legacy Radio 90.1FM on the road and in the park playing Soca Calypso and much more
  • Natural Mystic of Legacy radio 90.1FM. The latest female DJ in Manchester playing the best in Soca, Reggae and Old Skool Sounds.
  • Murray Man, Birmingham Reggae veteran of Mellow Vibes Records fame will headline
  • Sunday Set – Our Bajan Friends and Family Finale

    Hosted by Britain’s Got Talen’t Star and Manchester legend, Mr Zip

  • Guest DJs include DJ Tomlin (Afro/ Latin/ Carribean inspired Grooves!)
  • Circus and children’s crafts area
  • Stalls Include: House of Barbados, WonderWall (World Prints)
  • Juicality, Fresh Healthy Beverages, Bajan Kitchen and Cocktails!

For more info contact Sean Adrian on 07896 552 118 or eMail

Bajan Village 2016

We hope to see you on the 13 & 14 August 2016.

Carnival Route       What’s On?       Carnival Theme    


Free Carnival 2016

News Flash – Carnival 2016 is a Free Event

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester, 13th & 14th August 2016

Confirmed: Carnival is a Free Event

Fun for Everyone We bring great news: The Caribbean Carnival of Manchester is pleased to announce that the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester in 2016 will be a free event for everyone. The carnival will still be welcoming donations to help keep the carnival alive.

Everyone at the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester would like reiterate our thanks to all our valuable sponsors, hard working volunteers, kind supporters and everyone who attends over carnival weekend.

This is fantastic news for carnival revellers, visitors to the city over carnival weekend and local businesses that rely on the boost that carnival weekend brings.

Carnival 2016 includes dazzling costumes, fantastic food, great music and a variety of new events, so the carnival should be bigger and better than ever. Following the good news and with so much to offer everyone, we hope to see families from all communities in Manchester turn out and share in the fun and fair of the carnival.

The Caribbean Carnival of Manchester has become an important fixture on Manchester’s events calendar and a fantastic opportunity to bring communities together to share the very best of Caribbean culture in a safe friendly environment. We hope this will continue for many years to come.

We hope to see you on the 13 & 14 August 2016.

Carnival Route       What’s On?       Carnival Theme    


Montserrat Corner

Strat Corner – New for Carnival 2016

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester, 13th & 14th August 2016

Featured: Strat Corner

J'ouvert Morning New at this year’s carnival is ‘Strat Corner’ celebrating the emerald isle of Montserrat and its people. Strat Corner will feature SOCA, Calypso, traditional singing, traditional costumes and traditional food. In fact, all things to do with the culture of the emerald isle. Want to know more in advance? Here are some facts about the emerald isle.

5 Facts on Montserrat

Where is Montserrat?

Montserrat is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom located in the Leeward Islands. The territory resembles coastal Ireland and has a large number of inhabitants who are of the Irish ancestry.

What is the capital of Montserrat?

The island of Montserrat has two capitals. Plymouth is the de jure capital of the island; it is located in the Leeward Island chain of the Lesser Antilles, West Indies. The de facto capital of the island is Brades, a village located in the Carr’s Bay vicinity at the northwest end of Montserrat. It has been the capital of the island since 1998.

How big is Montserrat?

Montserrat is one of the very small island nations in the world; it has a total area of 39 square miles. It has an approximate population of 5,879.

What is the official currency used in Montserrat?

The East Caribbean dollar denoted by the ISO 4217 code XCD is the official currency of Montserrat. It has been the national currency since 1965; it replaced the British West Indies dollar. The East Caribbean dollar is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $ and is written as EC$. It is subdivided into 100 cents.

What is the nickname of Montserrat?

Many people refer Montserrat as the Emerald Isle of Caribbean. It gains the nickname because coastal shape of Montserrat. It looks like the shape of Ireland.

What is the national dish of Montserrat?

Montserrat’s national dish is Goat water, a thick goat meat stew served with crusty bread rolls., 2016

What’s on?

So, what’s on at carnival 2016?  To keep everybody informed we have a website ‘what’s on’ page with information on all this year’s events. Why not check it out?

Take a look at our latest pages

Carnival Route       What’s On?       Carnival Theme       Entry Staff Wanted


Trini and Latin Corner

Latin and Trini Corner

New at Carnival 2016

Latin & Trini Corner at the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester 13th & 14 of August

Welcome to the first ever Latin carnival in Manchester. 200, 000 people are expected to come to this year’s carnival

This event is in Spanish & English (scroll down for Spanish).
Este evento es en espanol y ingles mire la parte de abajo en espanol.

The Caribbean Carnival of Manchester in conjunction with Manchester’s finest latin DJ, promoter, pioneer & dancer, D Jay Carl1to proudly present to you…


Two days of EXPLOSIVE Latin music, dance, food, & culture. We celebrate all being Latino.

Family Friendly Event.

Saturday 13 august

  • Live performance by CUBAN SWAGGER this boy is taking Manchester by storm – by Eddie, Adrain & Sonia Latika
  • 10 piece live latin salsacuban band- TBC
  • DJ’S Carl1to, Manny Castillo, Adriano + guests
  • Cuban salsa & reggaeton, lessons & animation throughout the day


Sunday 14th August…

Live Samba girls shows, Cuban salsa & reggaeton, lessons & animation throughout the day

Merengue Bachata dembow live entertainment

d jay carl1to, manny castillo, adriano+ guest.

Every one is welcome, come join us and celebrate this day of music, dance, color, food and drink.


MUSIC: salsa timba, rumba, mambo, reggaeton, urban cubano carnival beat, mambo dominicano dewnbow, kuduro semba samba kizomba, latin anthems and much more…

INFO: D jay carl1to 07555105679 email

Help support our first Latino Carnival, invite your friends let’s make this a carnival to remember

Bienvenido al primer carnaval Latino De Manchester.

El Carnaval del Caribe de Manchester, en conjunción con D JAY CARL1TO, Dj, promotor pionero de la musica & baile latino D Jay Carl1to orgullo Presente usted …


Dos días de celebración, danza, comida, culture.todo latino.

Evento familiar.

Sábado 13 agosto

  • cuban swagger
  • 10 piezas en vivo latino salsacuban
  • El Carl1to DJ, Manny Castillo, adriano + invitados
  • Salsa y reggaeton cubano, clases y animación todo el dia.

Comida latina y beber DISPONIBLE TODO DEL DÍA

Domingo 14 de agosto de …
en vivo espectáculos de samba, salsa cubana y reggaeton, lecciones y animación TODO el día

Merengue Bachata dembow entretenimiento en vivo

DJ en directo todo el día
d jay carl1to, Castillo manny, adriano + invitados.

Cada uno es bienvenido, vamos juntos y celebrar este día de color, música Y baile


MUSICA: timba salsa, la rumba, el mambo, el reggaeton, cubano ritmo de carnaval urbano, mambo dominicano dewnbow, kuduro Semba samba kizomba, himnos latinos y mucho más

INFO: D jay carl1to 07555105679 email

Ayudar a apoyar nuestro primer Carnaval latino , invita a tus amigos vamos a hacer de este un carnaval para recorder


Asian Corner 2016

New for Carnival 2016 – Asian Corner

Asian Corner

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester is pleased to announce Asian Corner, new for carnival 2016.

Come along to enjoy DJ Fritz (Supreme Dream Events) dropping an 8 hour set featuring Soca Chutney Music, see real life fire eating and the fabulously colourful Desi Nach Bollywood and Bhangra Dance Group.

Many other acts to be confirmed.

Asian Corner is going to be a fantastic addition to the annual carnival with something for everyone to enjoy, including:

  • DJ Fritz of Supreme Dream Events – Manchester’s No.1 dropping an 8 hour set
  • Desi Nach Bollywood and Bhangra Dance Group
  • Manchester’s one and only Elusive Dholis
  • Chutney Music
  • Fire Eating
  • Many other acts to be confirmed
  • Slush puppies, popcorn and candy floss stand
  • 2 large bars selling beers, spirits and soft drinks
  • Asian food stands and bars offering a diverse selection of food and drinks
Great Entertainment – Friendly Atmosphere – Bring all the family

For 1 Day Only – Don’t Miss Out



Carnival Flyer 2016


Preston Caribbean Carnival Cancelled

Preston Caribbean Carnival Parade Cancelled

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester would like to show solidarity with Preston Carnival by encouraging people to attend Preston’s static town centre carnival event on June 11th 2016.

Below is the full Lancashire Evening Post report

Preston’s spectacular Caribbean carnival procession has been cancelled next month after more than 40 years.

Organisers say they can no longer afford to stage the colourful cavalcade, which sees thousands line the streets between Moor Park and the city centre.

Instead they will hold a “static” event complete with stunning costumes, music and food on the Flag Market on June 11.

A lack of cash has meant the end of the road for the annual procession – at least for this year.

“It’s such a shame because the parade is part of the fabric of Preston,” said carnival treasurer Carol Nevins. “Funding has all-but dried up this year. It’s a sign of the times.”

The event is Preston’s most dazzling of the year, bringing a taste of Mardi Gras to the terraced streets of the city. But the procession has become another victim of austerity Britain.

The carnival needs around £30,000 to cover the costs of security, staging, crowd management, event equipment, cleansing and road closure staffing.

Yet with no donations forthcoming from the city council, Lancashire County Council and the Preston BID team, the organizers have been forced to call off the popular parade which in past years has snaked its way between Moor Park and the city centre, featuring fabulous floats, dance troupes and Caribbean bands.

And, while a riot of colour and costumes will still provide an eye-catching show on the Flag Market, the event is unlikely to live up to past glories.

“The money just isn’t there to put on our usual event,” explained treasurer Carol.

“We get lottery funding from the Arts Council, but they only support art and culture, anything on the performance side of things. They don’t support any infrastructure costs like security and barriers.

“We need about £30,000 for our usual parade and for Moor Park. And that is a lot of money to find when sponsorship is drying up.

“We have been hanging on, hoping funds would come in. But they haven’t and so we had a meeting and reluctantly decided that the procession will have to go – at least for this year.

“We will have a smaller scale event on the Flag Market and then we will have another 12 months to see if we can raise money to bring it back next year. I hope we can.”

The cancellation of the street procession comes at the end of a torrid eight months for the carnival organizers.

Back in October they were in danger of having to bring the curtain down on the whole event when they lost two units at Oyston Mill for storing their elaborate costumes and where dance troupes practiced.

But after moving three times – including a spell using storage space at Fulwood Leisure Centre – they are back at the Mill.

The not-for-profit organization is now planning to apply for charitable status in the hope it will open up new sources of funding.

“Hopefully by just doing the Flag Market even this year it will make people aware of the situation we are in and support us,” said Carol.

Councillor Peter Kelly, Preston Council’s cabinet member for leisure and culture, said: “It’s a real shame that the procession isn’t happening at this year’s Caribbean Carnival. It’s a great tradition and one the whole of Preston will sorely miss.

“Nowadays, it costs many thousands of pounds to put the event on and most of these costs are associated with the procession. So, we fully support the carnival committee’s decision to stage the carnival, though not to hold the procession this year.

“We are helping the committee to put the event on and are also helping out with the annual King and Queen of the carnival event which takes place on the Flag Market on June 11.

“We’re also helping the committee in trying to find other sources of funding for the carnival. It’s a national trend unfortunately as traditional funding sources are drying up. Councils simply don’t have the money they once had so grants are far harder to come by now.

“Still, the carnival is an amazing event and I am sure there are people and funding bodies interested in working with them to put on the carnival and procession in future years.”

Lancashire Evening Post, 2016.

J'ouvert Morning News Flash 2016

Manchester Carnival News Flash J’ouvert Morning 2016

Damien Daddy Sydney is happy to announce there will be ‘two’ jump up trailers on the road for J’ouvert Morning 2016. For more information on J’ouvert Morning visit the carnival website ‘What’s On’ page or the ”What’s On’ news article containing a feature on J’ouvert Morning.

This is fantastic news for all the J’ouvert revellers. Greater sounds means jump higher and have more fun.


J'ouvert Morning Sounds
J'ouvert Morning Sounds


Checkout the new ‘What’s On’ page and the ”What’s On’ news article covering J’ouvert Morning.