Bigint Ltd Web Development Huddersfield

New Carnival Website

At short notice Bigint Ltd Web Development based at the University of Huddersfield Duke of York Centre has stepped in to develop a new website to support the 2015 carnival.

the brief was to get the carnival back online as soon as possible

The new website will provide a platform to support the growth and promotion of the carnival over time. Daniel Bye, the managing director of Bigint said, “the brief was to get the carnival back online as soon as possible. However, it was important to do things properly, that’s the only way we work at Bigint.”

“We wanted to develop a website based on a sound platform for growth and that’s what we have done. It is important that modern websites display correctly across devices including mobiles, tablets and desktop computers and the new site supports all these devices.”

“Bigint also considered it important to develop on a platform that could integrate with social media so the carnival could get messages out to people, we have done that too. The colour for the new theme was taken directly from the previous blue carnival logo. The carnival now has a place online ready for the future.”