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My name is Bradley Lincoln. I’m a parent, grand-parent, a son, social researcher and I’m mixed race. For many years I have struggled to find a suitable hair-care product for my own and my family’s mixed, curly and frizzy hair.

I have often felt invisible in the current market place. Most products are targeted at other people but not me. Black / Afro hair-care products are too oily and heavy. European / White products too drying.

So, I got together with a hair technician to create a unisex hair-care range, specifically formulated for mixed, curly hair.

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There were 3 issues I wished to address:

Results. I wanted to develop a mixture which would leave hair conditioned, frizz free, conditioned and de-tangled.

Accessibility. I wanted to make life easier and manufacture a unique UK based product, with a memorable style, which would be widely available in the mainstream. I also need to see authentic mixed identity represented in a brand.

Price. I wanted to create a top quality product at a good price. Most mixed people, young and old, love their hair but many struggle to find suitable products for their hair to reach its full potential.

I have learnt many things on this journey of discovery, but most importantly how it feels when products and services are targeted at other people, and not you!!

The Mix-d: unisex hair products is brought to you by Mix-d: (pronounced mixed) – a homegrown, UK-based organisation. All products have been lovingly co-created with the audience group alongside recognised industry specialists.

Bradley Lincoln


Mobile: 07950 259 519