Carnival Public Meeting

Public Meeting

Ask not what the carnival can do for you, but what you can do for the carnival
(Mike Bisson)


Caribbean Carnival of Manchester has called a public meeting. The aim of the meeting is to discuss our culture, our heritage, the carnival and the future of the carnival.



  • Introduction
  • Carnival 2019
  • Heritage & Culture
  • Parade
  • Carnival lead
  • Manchester City Council involvement
  • Volunteers
  • Advisory committee & A.O.B.


Date & Venue

The West Indian Community Centre
Moss Side.
M14 4SP.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019, 7pm – 9pm
Attendees with special requirements, please arrive at 6.30pm for seating (including elderly and disabled)


GOA Independence Dance

The Grenadian Overseas Association Manchester – Second Grenadian Independence Dance

Dear Sir/Madam

The Grenadian Overseas Association Manchester will be holding its second Grenadian Independence Dance on the 09th Febuary 2019 at The Britannia Country House Hotel, Palatine Road, Manchester, M20 2WG.

We hope to show case Grenadian Heritage which has influences from United Kingdom, Grenada including Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

We would like to unite the generations within the community to give the youth and seniors a positive experience. Loneliness within our community is prevalent the dinner dance is a unique event, which enables all to share knowledge and hopeful encourage each generation to join in with future events.

Our nominated charity is Maggie’s they provide free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends.

We would be grateful if your able to support our community event, that hosts approx 200 people.

All support, donations and sponsorship towards this event would be welcome. The promotional brochure for 45th Grenadian Overseas Association dinner dance will feature all sponsors.

RSVP: GOA Mcr member to confirm your support by 30.11.2018 (digital logo will be required).

eMail: or Tel: 07763 345 157

Yours sincerely,

Theresa Joseph-McSween

Chair of Grenada Overseas Association Manchester.


Bringing a community together through inspiration and education.



Mix D Hair – Unisex Hair Products

My name is Bradley Lincoln. I’m a parent, grand-parent, a son, social researcher and I’m mixed race. For many years I have struggled to find a suitable hair-care product for my own and my family’s mixed, curly and frizzy hair.

I have often felt invisible in the current market place. Most products are targeted at other people but not me. Black / Afro hair-care products are too oily and heavy. European / White products too drying.

So, I got together with a hair technician to create a unisex hair-care range, specifically formulated for mixed, curly hair.

Find Mix-D Hair Products @ CCoM 2018

There were 3 issues I wished to address:

Results. I wanted to develop a mixture which would leave hair conditioned, frizz free, conditioned and de-tangled.

Accessibility. I wanted to make life easier and manufacture a unique UK based product, with a memorable style, which would be widely available in the mainstream. I also need to see authentic mixed identity represented in a brand.

Price. I wanted to create a top quality product at a good price. Most mixed people, young and old, love their hair but many struggle to find suitable products for their hair to reach its full potential.

I have learnt many things on this journey of discovery, but most importantly how it feels when products and services are targeted at other people, and not you!!

The Mix-d: unisex hair products is brought to you by Mix-d: (pronounced mixed) – a homegrown, UK-based organisation. All products have been lovingly co-created with the audience group alongside recognised industry specialists.

Bradley Lincoln


Mobile: 07950 259 519



Windrush Story Michael Hayles

Windrush Stories: Michael Hayles

The Caribbean Carnival of Manchester would like to thank Mr Michael Hayles for sharing his Windrush story with us. Everyone at the carnival would like to wish Michel and his family good health and the very best for the future. We hope to see Michael at carnival 2018!


My parents Windrush generation story …

by Michael Hayles


My parents were part of the Windrush Generation, both arriving separately from Jamaica in 50’s, my mother from St Catherine’s and my father from Clarendon. Both came to the UK as young adults for a better life.

My parent first settled, then met in Birmingham; soon after my sister Jackie and I were born. Mum was a nurse for 50 years and my dad was an engineer. I went to North Staffs Polytechnic studying business, while my sister Lancashire Polytechnic and studied Marketing.

In my first year, my Dad was taken from us quite suddenly at 50 years old by cancer. My Mum was devastated and wanted a fresh start so she moved house in Birmingham. Then, Mum felt the urge to return back home to Jamaica, so she sold up and moved back, buying a new house in St Catherine’s. During the early years of her being back in JA, she seemed to spend more time in the UK than in Jamaica, so we were not surprised to hear that she wanted to sell up and come back to the UK claiming to be missing her kids, friends, family, culture, and surprisingly the weather. She is now back in the UK, in her mid-80s and in great shape. Initially she rented, but is very happy now having bought again and in her own home.

I am very proud of my parents, especially my Mum, knowing how hard it must have been for them to have made a life in a completely new country, with all of the challenges that must of created.

At 53 its feels strange to have outlived my Dad, however he still played a massive part in my life, showing me the virtues and giving us all belief. I consider myself lucky to still have my Mum , siblings, own family of three daughters and wife of 24 years. Next year will be my silver wedding anniversary.



The Community Centre Show

The Community Centre Show

The Community Centre kicks off CCOM 2018

Coincidentally, this year’s Caribbean Carnival of Manchester (CCOM) is in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the ship, Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks, Essex, in June 1948.

Amid the current Windrush scandal entangling Theresa May’s government, it is perhaps fitting that the organisers of this year’s festival bring the recognition of both the generation and their impact upon British soil. read more …





Empire Windrush

Windrush: 1 Minutes Silence

Dear all,

There will be one minutes silence for the Windrush victims at the Windrush Millennium Centre this Friday, 22nd June 2018 at 11am. The venue address is below. Please feel free to attend. Everyone is welcome.

Mickey Bisson.



Windrush Millennium Centre
70 Alexandra Road,
M16 7WD.



New Carnival App

Download the new Caribbean Carnival of Manchester phone app for all the latest news, offers and what’s on information relating to this year’s carnival.

Login through Facebook to receive notifications and live updates during the event.




Lucy Powell MP Windrush Meeting

Emergency Meeting on Windrush with Lucy Powell MP

You may have seen reports of the scandal of the Windrush Generation.

The Windrush Generation refers to people who came to the UK from the Commonwealth any time before the 1973 and who have been British citizens for decades have found themselves without documentation and without the ability to work or claim benefits. Anyone you came to the UK before 1988 can be caught up in this. This is a scandal and one that needs to be rectified.

I have arranged a meeting for anyone who is affected, or anyone who knows someone who is affected to come and talk about their situation. The meeting will take place at The Windrush Millennium Centre on Wednesday 2nd May at 5pm.

As MP for Manchester Central, I have been dealing with similar cases and trying to help people who have been caught in this situation and have written to and met with Government Ministers as well as spoken in Parliament on the issue.

If you know anyone who has been affected or anyone who came to the UK before 1988 and who is worried about their status, please share this invitation with them.

If you can’t make the meeting but need advice then please contact me at 0161 232 0872 or by writing to Lucy Powell MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA.


Winrush Meeting Venue

5pm Moss Side and Hulme Community Development Trust,
Windrush Millennium Centre,
70 Alexandra Road,
M16 7WD.


Contact Lucy Powell MP

Tel: 0161 232 0872



Manchester Carnival April 2018 Update

Windrush Bacchanal Update

Celebrating 70 Platinum Years of the Windrush Generation

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A message from the Chair …

Welcome all.

Hopefully, everybody is aware this year’s Caribbean Carnival of Manchester theme is Windrush bacchanal, celebrating 70 platinum years of the Windrush generation.

For anyone wishing to understand more about the Windrush generation, how the generation positively changed the UK with their brand of cultural music, dance and colourful vibrancy and the struggles they faced after landing on these shores, links to historical information on the Windrush generation have been randomly chosen and included at the bottom of this post.

To carnival 2018. Preparations are well underway. As we begin organising, the committee would like to take this opportunity to pass on messages to band leaders, performers, stall holders and troops.

The message to stall holders is, space in the park is limited and therefore at a premium. The committee is only able to allocate a pre-determined size plot to each stall holder; therefore, any stall holders wishing to bring trailers or similar into the park, MUST contact the Chair, Carnival Mickey, in advance to discuss whether it is possible to bring a trailer into the park and the cost implications. Mickey can be contacted on 07985 400 384 or at

If any troops, performers and bands would like to take part in this year’s carnival, likewise the committee invites band leaders to contact the chair to apply using the information above. The committee is preparing a new band/ troop registration form which will hopefully be uploaded to the website for download soon. So, please check back in a couple of weeks.

A comprehensive list of ‘What’s On’ for 2018 is still being established. However, the committee can confirm there will be a full road parade, 8 stages of fantastic performers in the park, as well all the favourites like African Corner, Latin Corner and others. The committee will announce more in due course.

Finally, if any confirmed performers or troops would like to feature on the carnival website, please contact Mickey with a write up and at least one banner image at least 750 pixels by 500 pixels in size. The same applies to advertisers; although, cost and terms and conditions apply for advertising on the carnival’s website platform.

Long live Lord Kitchener, the Trinadadian Calypso and Soca artist who started the embryonic Caribbean carnival in London.

See you all in August.

Carnival Mickey (Chair)


Get Ready
Caribbean Carnival of Manchester 2018


The Voyage of the Empire Windrush


Windrush, Part 1 of 4


Images of the Empire Windrush


The Windrush Generation

Sources of Information


Notice to Advertisers

Did you know the carnival website receives in the region of 100, 000 views in the two weeks leading up to the carnival? The Caribbean Carnival Facebook page has around 6,000 followers too.
To get your message across to a guaranteed audience contact the Chair about advertising on 07985 400 384 or



Windrush Bacchanal

Carnival 2018 Theme

The theme for carnival 2018 is Windrush Bacchanal, celebrating 70 years of the Windrush generation. But, who were the Windrush generation and why are they so special?

When the Empire Windrush passenger ship docked at Tilbury from the Caribbean on 22 June 1948, it marked the start of the post-war immigration boom which was to change British society. Images of the African-Caribbean passengers filing off the gangplank have become part of the country’s social history.

After WWII, Britain encouraged immigration from Commonwealth countries. To a large extent this was to help rebuild the country as there was a shortage of labour at the time. Windrush carried 492 migrants who were coming to a country promising prosperity and employment. Among them were the calypso artists Lord Kitchener and Lord Beginner from Trinidad & Tabago.

This years Carnival celebrates 70 years of culture, music, life-styles, horticulture, pride and struggles that came with these early settlers in this, it’s platinum anniversary year. It brought Soca, Calypso, singing, dancing, drumming and vibrant colours showcased by the legendary Calypso and Soca artist Lord Kitchener to the street of London and beyond.

Arrivals were temporarily housed near Brixton; the town’s Windrush Square commemorates the ship’s arrival. The majority remained to settle permanently, and now form a central part of British society. The ship itself made its final voyage in 1954.

We hope to see you on 11th & 12th August 2018 to celebrate the Windrush anniversary.

CCoM Happy 2018

Happy New Year from the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester

The team at the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and prosperous 2018.

The team would also like to thank everyone for their hard work and support in 2017. In particular, the team would like to thank those who supported the carnival financially or with their time and skills.

These include:

  • CCoM committee and supporting team
  • Troops & participants
  • Lucy Powell MP
  • Manchester City Council (All departments connected to the Carnival)
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • St John’s Ambulance
  • WRPS Scaffolding
  • Bigint Ltd.(website)

And, our great sponsors without whom the carnival may not happen:


If you or your organisation would like to sponsor the 2018 Manchester carnival, the team would love to speak to you. Please contact Mickey on 07985 400 384 or email .

Following another successful carnival year, we now look to 2018. Details about the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester 2018 theme will be published soon, so please stay in touch with the carnival news page.

Thanks to NordWood Themes on for supplying the image for this post under the creative commons license.

Parade Awards 2017

Winning Results for the Manchester Carnival Parade 2017

With the weather holding out, at least in the afternoon, Carnival 2017 was another highly successful event.

The weekend has become a highlight of the annual carnival calendar and the great people of Manchester, along with those who attended from throughout Britain, did not disappoint us again. The parade was as spectacular and stunning as ever, with a diversity of fantastic Mas Bands, floats and costumes on show. Much fun was had by all.

The carnival organisers wish to thank everyone who attended to make carnival 2017 a special occasion to remember.

We are now pleased to announce the results of the annual carnival awards.



– Main Carnival Parade National Bands:

  1. Pure Elegance Huddersfield
  2. Cultural Roots Derby
  3. Spectrum Preston

– Main Carnival Parade Manchester Bands:

  1. WER1
  2. A Squad
  3. SOCA Explosion & Africa Diversity


– The Culturama Stage Parade:

  1. A Squad
  2. SOCA Explosion


The parade was judged at the junction between Claremont Road junction and Alexandra Park. Trophies will be presented on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Congratulations to all the award winners, and a big thanks to everybody who took part.



Caribbean Carnival Information Leaflet 2017

Caribbean Carnival 2017 Information Leaflet

The Caribbean Carnival 2017 information leaflet is out now. The carnival committee would like the carnival to be a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. The information leaflet has been produced with this in mind; therefore, we encourage everyone visiting this year’s carnival to take a look at the information provided.

A copy of the information leaflet has been included below for your convenience. There is also a downloadable PDF version, if you would like to take a copy away.

More information is available on our visitor information page. Please make time to take a look at the information provided. We wish everyone a great carnival.


Information Leaflet 2017

Click image to open full size.



Grab Original Information Leaflet PDF

Carnival Leaflet 2017

Click the Adobe PDF logo on the left to download the information leaflet.