Tabitha Jade



Tabitha is a current R ‘n’ B, Soul and Afro Beats emerging artist from Manchester who is keen to support Caribbean Carnival of Manchester 2018 with a performance. Tabitha has a new release coming out for 2019 with Manchester based rapper Prido. Keep an eye out for Tabitha’s new work from 24th February.



If you would like to sponsor the carnival, please use the carnival’s contact page to get in touch.


Torino Jackson



Torino Jackson is in a collective called MPGMobb.

Torino’s Genre R ‘n B, Reggae, Hip Hop and D ‘n’ B.
Bio: Torino is a singer, song writer born and bread in Manchester’s Moss Side. Torino started singing, rapping and MC’ing at a very young age. Torino feels growing up in Moss Side restricts the opportunities for young musicians to establish a name. Torino was no ordinary kid though. Torino independently pushed his music out to the streets of Manchester. Keep an eye for this inspiring young independent local artist. Follow Torino to listen to his current release on iTunes and look forward to his second EP release.




You by Jasmine

London Town by Jasmine


Davido IF Cover by Jasmine {Official Audio3}